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Responsible supply chain

Our reputation and customer confidence are Beijer Ref’s most important assets. It is therefore of the utmost importance that our suppliers follow international guidelines on quality, social responsibility and the environment.

Beijer Ref has produced a central code of conduct for suppliers, which shall apply to the business partners of all the companies. This lists the group’s requirements in areas such as human rights, social and labour law conditions, business ethics and anti-corruption. The code shall be seen as a tool to be used actively in dialogue with suppliers. In approving Beijer Ref’s code of conduct, the supplier promises to comply with the code of conduct and gives us and our customers the right to verify compliance with the code of conduct. Suppliers that sign agreements with Beijer Ref are also responsible for implementing and complying with the requirements of Beijer Ref’s code of conduct in applicable parts.

In the discussions with our suppliers, we are also looking for more sustainable products and improved logistics solutions that provide as small a carbon footprint as possible.