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Careers at Beijer Ref

Making a career at Beijer Ref means that you as an employee have the opportunity to develop both within your field of work and at international level. Today, Beijer Ref has approximately 5,500 employees in 45 countries.

About 20 are based at head office, which is in Malmö. The other employees are located at the group’s >140 subsidiaries which are spread across Europe, North America, Africa and Asia and Oceania.

While head office covers group-wide functions in finance, HR, law, logistics and sustainability, the subsidiaries’ employees handle sales, purchasing, production, logistics and distribution. Some subsidiaries also have their own production of refrigeration systems and units, based on natural and environmentally friendly refrigerants.

The ethos within Beijer Ref is that employees are the company’s most important resource. Being part of a large international group means that there are career opportunities in different markets and in a number of fields of work. Both organisational development and recruitment are therefore essential tools to drive our continued success.