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Sustainable Temperature Control for All

The future lies before us

Discover Beijer Ref, where we master the art of achieving the perfect sustainable temperature. As a world-leading wholesaler and distributor of refrigeration and HVAC solutions focused on cooling and heating technology, we provide customers all over the world with complete solutions within climate control.

Beijer Ref’s extensive range of products, from state-of-the-art refrigeration and air conditioning systems to cutting-edge cooling and heating technology and sustainable OEM products based on natural refrigerants, are leading the way towards a more environmentally friendly future. Beijer Ref is always striving towards minimizing the industry’s carbon footprint. Our mission is to be the preferred provider of sustainable and energy efficient cooling and heating technology. Guided by the principle of a greener future, we are committed to maintaining a stable business model that stands the test of time for the environment, our customers and employees. Ensuring that we constantly work towards our vision: Sustainable temperature control for all.

Approved by Science Based Targets

Beijer Ref takes another step towards our vision of sustainable temperature control for all. Our target to reduce the carbon footprint in the entire value chain has been approved by the Science Based Targets Intitiative (SBTi). This is a significant milestone for us and demonstrates our commitment to transitioning our HVAC-R industry to the new generation of refrigerants through our OEM, distribution and wholesale businesses.

Explore our OEM companies

Fenagy A/S was founded in the summer of 2020 and is based in Aarhus, Denmark. Their main focus is manufacturing efficient and competitive heat pumps and refrigeration systems with CO2 as refrigerant for district heating and industrial applications. Fenagy’s technology is based on electric heat pumps and refrigeration systems using CO2 as refrigerant. Their racks deliver an efficient supply of temperatures and capacity, which are designed and built to our customers’ needs. The future production of heat and refrigeration will be CO2-neutral.

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SCM Frigo is a leader in the Design and Production of Condensing Units, Boosters and Chillers, operating in the refrigeration sector with advanced technologies exporting its CO2 range of products worldwide. With a shared passion for cutting-edge technology, SCM Frigo wants to create a more sustainable future and has since 2004 developed technologies that use natural gases as refrigerants, thus becoming leaders in the production of CO2 refrigeration systems.

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Integration of the UN's global goals

Beijer Ref sees opportunities to be able to participate in and influence several of the 17 Global Goals in Agenda 2030. The Group has identified five pivotal goals closely tied to the company’s assignments and business objectives. Want to learn more about Beijer Ref’s integration of the UN sustainable development goals CLICK HERE

Our framework for sustainability

Sustainability is an obvious part of Beijer Ref’s business concept. This is how we generate value – for our customers, owners, employees, the environment and society. Our group has a history that spans more than 150 years, largely because of the hard work and perseverance making decisions that pass the test of time. Today, sustainability is an important and integral part of the company’s strategy affecting everything from our business model to organisation and product range. To clarify the strategic direction for sustainability work, Beijer Ref has developed a framework which takes root in the UN’s global goals in Agenda 2030.

Beijer Ref Academy

Beijer Ref has a training center in Italy that is unique in the industry. It is called Beijer Ref Academy and is located in Padua. The academy focuses entirely on environmentally friendly CO2-technology and provides training for employees and suppliers on how to handle refrigerants.

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