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Beijer Ref Academy

Training for a Sustainable Future

Beijer Ref has a training centre in Italy that is unique in the industry. It is called Beijer Ref Academy and is located in Padua. It focuses entirely on environmentally friendly CO2 technology and teaches employees and suppliers how to handle refrigerant. In 2018, we opened an academy at our facility in Padua, Italy. In 2019, more academies opened in Lyon, France, Wuxi, China and Bangkok, Thailand. The goal is to have six academies in total, by 2024.

A unique refrigeration training center

The Beijer Ref Academies stand as specialized refrigeration training centers committed to providing comprehensive learning experiences. Through immersive practical workshops, participants delve into in-depth product training and industry-recognized courses, covering crucial aspects such as refrigerant handling, brazing techniques, and electrical testing.

What sets the Beijer Ref Academies apart is their flexibility in course offerings. Tailor-made courses can be meticulously constructed to align with the unique needs of your business.

National ACR & Heat Pump Training Provider Award 2023

We are pleased to announce that Beijer Ref Academy won the National ACR & Heat Pump Training Provider Award 2023 presented at the awards ceremony in Manchester on 22nd June. This fantastic recognition highlights the Academy’s outstanding approach to training in the industry. Pictured Lee Downham; Beijer Ref Academy Director and Becky Smith; Beijer Ref Academy Sales Manager receiving the award.