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Values that
build Beijer Ref

Beijer Ref’s corporate culture rests on a long company history that is characterised by entrepreneurship and innovative thinking.

The group’s four core values – Committed, United, Engaged and Straightforward – encapsulate what must permeate through all levels of the organisation and also show our teams how to act as representatives of an international group upholding the principles and heritage of Swedish origin.

The Beijer brothers laid the foundation for their life’s work more than 150 years ago. Over the years Beijer Ref has grown, both organically and through acquisition. Although the Group looks different today and operates across four continents, the foundation remains in the form of a Beijer spirit that holds all parts together and creates a common will to develop, at both company and individual level.

Committed, United, Engaged & Straightforward

A global teamwork

Our CUES (Committed, United, Engaged & Straightforward) are our core values and they speak about the employees’ commitment and loyalty. They depict a concern, about each other and our surroundings. Doing business with Beijer Ref means clear and short decision paths. Communication shall be straightforward, consistent and reliable. Being present in many continents shall be an advantage without complications. Above all, each part of the organisation plays an important role in the group’s continued success. All achievements are the result of teamwork.


We are committed and loyal to our stakeholders, giving our very best each day to meet and exceed customer expectations. We are dedicated to always offer product and service excellence, as well as to implement other initiatives that have a positive impact on our affairs and relations.


Our strength lies in our line up and team spirit. Being present in several continents makes us strong yet unpretentious. We believe that every part of the organisation plays a vital role in making our company successful, and that accomplishments are a result of a team effort.


To be engaged and motivated in all aspects of our work is essential to us. We empower each other, making sure that supportive actions and resources are available to encourage development and new ideas that will bring us forward. Sustainability and non-discrimination form the foundation of this mind-set.


An overall straightforward approach signifies how we do business. We strive to simplify our way of working, using short decision-making paths, taking anything excessive out of the process. Being clear, consistent, and reliable in how we communicate, and work align with this attitude. For this reason, customers and suppliers can rely on interactions characterised by ease and simplicity.


Sustainable temperature control for all.


Striving to always be the preferred provider of sustainable refrigeration and HVAC solutions. Making customers’ life easier by offering a broad assortment of the right products at the right time, together with excellent customer service through our skilled and engaged employees.