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A history spanning more than 150 years

Beijer Ref’s history rests on a long tradition of entrepreneurship. Since the brothers Gottfrid and Lorens Beijer established their life’s work in 1866, the group has undergone a number of changes.

Takeovers, mergers and divestments have marked the history. The common denominator over the years has been that the company has always been involved in trading in some form. What started with grain, coal and coke has today developed into a group that focuses entirely on cooling and air conditioning. Below are some important dates in Beijer Ref’s history.


It all starts

The trading company Firma G Beijer was founded in Malmö by swedish businessman Gottfried Beijer.


G&L Beijer is formed

Gottfried Beijer joins brother Lorens Beijer and forms G&L Beijer. Initially, the company mainly traded in cereals.


Branch in Stockholm

In 1894, Waldemar Beijer opened a branch in Stockholm. After Waldemar Beijer broke contact with his half-brothers Gottfried and Lorens, in 1904 this branch became the separate company G&L Beijer Import & Export, which would later become Beijer Invest and also have links later to Beijer Bygg and Beijer Alma.


The limited liability company G&L Beijer

G&L Beijer is converted into a limited liability company


Coal and coke

Now the company's shipments of coal and coke reach their peak. The war in the 1940s forced the company into major changes and departments for building materials, exports of machinery and tools and timber trading were started.


The business expands

Beijer now operates in three main areas: coal, pig iron and rolled steel.


New times mean new goods to trade

Oil replaces coal as the main commodity for G&L Beijer.


100 years!

G&L Beijer celebrates its 100th anniversary.


The investment company Skrinet becomes majority shareholder

When the listed company Skrinet AB acquired 62 per cent of the shares in G&L Beijer AB, a new era started in the company's history. Two years later, G&L Beijer became wholly owned by Skrinet. The Beijer and Hain families, who have been the main owners of G&L Beijer since its inception, now became the main owners of Skrinet.


Name change

Skrinet AB becomes G&L Beijer AB.


Biggest in Europe

The acquisition of a number of Central European refrigeration wholesalers from the Danish group Danfoss means that Beijer goes from being the biggest in the Nordic region to the biggest of its kind in Europe.


Biggest acquisition in the group’s history

When Beijer acquires Carrier's refrigeration business in Europe and Africa, this becomes the group's biggest ever acquisition.


Pure refrigeration wholesaler

The Beijer Tech business area is sold and G&L Beijer becomes solely a distributor of refrigeration and HVAC.


Toshiba is linked more closely; the first acquisition in OEM

A significant deal with Toshiba gives Beijer exclusive rights to distribute the brand's air conditioning and heating products in 11 countries in Europe. The acquisition of SCM Frigo also occurs during the year, which means that Beijer Ref takes the first step towards developing environmentally friendly refrigeration units.


The group has a new name

Because the group has chosen to fully focus its operations on refrigeration and HVAC, G&L Beijer AB changes its name to Beijer Ref AB.


Expansion outside Europe

Beijer Ref performs the key acquisition of Australian refrigeration wholesaler Patton and establishes itself in three new markets: New Zealand, Australia and India.


A 150-year-old that makes acquisitions in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom

Beijer Ref strengthens its position in Asia Pacific through the acquisition of Realcold, which is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand and has about 20 branches in New Zealand and Australia. In Europe one of the UK's largest refrigeration wholesalers - HRP - is acquired. The company also celebrates 150 years.


Growing in Africa

The acquisition of one of South Africa's leading refrigeration wholesalers, Tecsa Reco, begins. Beijer Ref is also behind the first environmentally friendly refrigeration system at retail giant Metro in China.


Year of acquisitions

Heatcraft, Australia's leading refrigeration wholesaler, is acquired. Beijer Ref's share of sales in the Asia-Pacific region is doubled. Acquisitions are also made of the HVAC companies Lumelco in Spain and GH2C in France. The acquisition of one of South Africa's leading refrigeration wholesalers, Tecsa Reco, is approved by the Competition Authority.


Beijer Ref is a worldwide group

Beijer Ref is a worldwide group that provides global expertise in temperature control solutions.