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Business segments

Beijer Ref divides its business into three segments


Commercial refrigeration designates the refrigeration used in shops, catering, cafes, hotels and smaller refrigerated warehouses. Beijer Ref’s range covers everything from central refrigeration systems to all kinds of freezer and refrigeration plants in modern food retailing. Industrial refrigeration is refrigeration plants, for example, for ice rinks and the food, manufacturing and offshore industries.


HVAC or comfort cooling means products for climate control and ventilation for homes, offices and shops. In the heating segment, technological development in recent years has led to highly efficient air-water heat pumps replacing traditional oil and gas burners.


Original Equipment Manufacturing accounts for the group’s own manufacture of environmentally friendly refrigeration plants and heat pumps, mainly based on natural refrigerants such as CO2, ammonia and propane. Here Beijer Ref offers competitive solutions in both standard individual products and tailored overall concepts. The group now has refrigeration equipment manufacturing facilities in Italy, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, South Africa, Thailand, China and Australia. This segment is constantly growing, not least because of the regulatory changes in the European F-gas regulation, which mean that environmentally hazardous refrigerants gradually will be phased out by 2030.