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Nomination committee

In accordance with the instructions of Beijer Ref’s Annual General Meeting, a Nomination Committee has been appointed, among the four largest shareholders in terms of number of votes and the company’s Chairman of the Board, with the task of submitting proposals for Board members, Chairman, Chairman and Auditors’ fees.

This year’s Nomination Committee consists of the following members:
Bernt Ingman, Chairman of Beijer Ref’s board of directors
Joen Magnusson, Member of Beijer Ref’s board
Patrica Hedelius, AMF Pension
Albert Gustafsson, EQT
Tommi Saukkoriipi, SEB Investment Management and Chairman of the nomination committee

Shareholders who wish to contact the Nomination Committee to propose members to Beijer Ref AB’s Board of Directors can contact Tommi Saukkoriipi, SEB Investment Management, telephone:
0771-62 10 00, e-mail: or

Instructions for the nomination committee