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Five strategic focus areas

Five strategic focus areas

Beijer Ref has a clear goal – to strengthen our position as a world-leading player. To achieve this goal, Beijer Ref needs to grow faster than the market.

We therefore work according to a strategy that is divided into five focus areas – acquisitions, OEM, supply chain, digitalisation and sustainability.



Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)


Supply Chain


In accordance with the company's strategy, Beijer Ref has set the following long-term financial and non-financial goals.

Financial goals
Grow more quickly than the market
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Beijer Ref’s goal is to grow more than the market. In 2020, sales decreased by 5.1% (13.8). Total growth has averaged 12% over the past five years. Beijer Ref’s most important prerequisite for long-term success is profitable growth.
Return on operating capital shall be at least 12%
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Return on operating capital shall amount to at least 12%. It gives the business stability and prepares us for any changes in the world around us. Over the past five years, Beijer Ref’s average return has been 16%.
Equity/assets ratio
Equity/assets ratio of at least 30%
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The equity/assets ratio in the group shall be at least 30%. Good solvency shows that the group has a strong financial position, which is a necessity in a company with strong growth. Over the past five years, the average equity/assets ratio has been 41%.
Distribute more than 30% of the profit after tax
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Beijer Ref aims to distribute more than 30% of profits after tax. Good return on deposited capital contributes to a stable ownership structure. Over the past five years, the average dividend ratio has been 49%. For precautionary reasons due to the pandemic, the share for 2019 was 26%.
Non-financial goals
Green products
Sales of self-manufactured products will increase
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The goal is to increase sales of self-manufactured products suitable for refrigerants with low GWP below 150 to more than 50% of total OEM sales by the end of 2023. Today, the proportion is 32% (27). The company expects to gradually increase this proportion as demand for refrigeration systems with environmentally-friendly refrigerants increases.
Sharing green knowledge
A total of six academies are established in 2023
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Beijer Ref Academy is a good concept for spreading knowledge about green technology to the group’s customers and suppliers and the ambition is to open more academies in the coming years. The goal is to have a total of six academies established by 2023. In 2020, the Group had three academies, the largest of which are located in Padua, Italy and Lyon, France.
Responsible supply chain
Clear agreements with suppliers
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The goal is to have a signed code of conduct for the 100 largest suppliers and to have an ongoing process and dialogue to follow up the code. The goal has been achieved, but the process of following up remains to be implemented.
Business ethics and anti-corruption
All employees will undergo training in 2021
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The goal is for all employees to undergo training in business ethics and anti-corruption by the end of 2021. So far, more than 90% of employees have completed the training.
Equal work place
Higher proportion of women in all positions in the company
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The goal is a more equal group with a higher proportion of women in all positions. Today, about 22% (20) of the company’s employees are women. In the management teams in the group, 13% are women.
Safe and healthy workplace
Sick leave must be below 5%
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In order to meet the goal of a healthy and safe workplace, the goal is to have sickness absences below 5%. In 2020, sickness absences amounted to 3.1% (2.4). The company will also offer all white collar workers development interviews and that this shall be fully implemented by 2022.