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Financial reports

All our reports are published at 08.30 CET.

Third quarter Organic sales rose 18.6 per cent in the quarter compared to the previous year. Acquisition effects were 12.0 per cent and currency effects were 7.1 per cent. Net sales increased by 37.7 per cent to SEK 5,979 million (4,341).   EBITA amounted to SEK 622 million (366), which is an increase of 70

Quiet period

Beijer Ref observes a period of silence in conjunction with financial reports. The silent period lasts from the end of the reporting period (quarter, year) until the result from the reporting period has been published. This means that no financial communication with the media, investors, analysts or others will be carried out during the period. All our reports are published at 08.30 CET.

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