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As an industry leader in several markets, it is natural that the Group takes a leading role when it comes to driving issues around the development of technology for environmentally friendly and natural refrigerants.

The basic precondition for the development and spread of environmentally friendly refrigeration technology rests largely on the EU F-Gas Regulation, which means that a global phasing out of HFC refrigerants will take place by 2030. Beijer Ref has its base for manufacturing environmentally friendly refrigeration technology in Italy, which is mainly based on CO2. From there, we spread our refrigeration know-how to other parts of the Group. Today, there are additional centres for the development of technology that uses environmentally friendly natural refrigerants such as propane, in Sweden, and ammonia in the Netherlands.


Beijer Ref Academy
Our training centres – the Beijer Ref Academy – are further initiatives to help spread environmentally friendly refrigeration technology. Beijer Ref offer common meeting places where suppliers and employees can meet and receive information and the latest news about our environmentally-friendly technology. To constantly strive to develop technology that is energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly and that supports the new refrigerants is one of our biggest priorities. The academies are currently located in Europe and Asia Pacific. Over the next few years, academies will open in all of our regions.


Reduced CO2 emissions
We work to reduce our own direct effect through efficient use of energy and other resources.