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For Beijer Ref, it is important that the organisation is inclusive and cares for both diversity and talent development.

Creating the right company culture is a prerequisite for achieving such goals. Within the group, there is constant cultural work that takes shape through various activities. We also have key initiatives to raise awareness about gender equality in the workplace, with the aim of also increasing the proportion of women in the organisation. The aim is to work actively to increase the proportion of female managers and influence diversity in a positive direction at all stages.


Talent development
We are also working to identify and develop our talents, with the aim of maintaining and developing the company’s personnel and creating good leaders and role models. Annual employee interviews shall be carried out for all employees. In this way, we take care of our employees’ knowledge and ideas.

Talent evaluations and individual development plans are other tools used to strengthen our talent development. So that everyone shall have an equal opportunity to acquire information, Beijer Ref has set a long-term goal to implement English as a group-wide language. This provides opportunities for greater cooperation and knowledge sharing.


Safe workplace
We are constantly performing systematic work environment activities. Our employees should thrive at work. Beijer Ref has a policy which makes clear that all companies in the group shall offer a safe, non-discriminatory workplace that promotes health and well-being. We set requirements that preventive work is performed so as to minimise accidents and illnesses. We also review work environment risks, conduct safety inspections and report sick leave and incidents. We measure all absence due to illness and perform cause analysis. This is intended to give a clear picture of how to proceed on prevention in order to continue to reduce the risk of accidents and maintain the low levels of illness reported today.