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12-05-15 regulatory

Record date for stock split in G & L Beijer AB

The Annual General Meeting of G & L Beijer AB on 26 April 2012 resolved to implement a 2:1 share split, such that each existing share is split into two shares of the same class. The Board of Directors has now set a date for implementing the split as follows.

The record date for the split will be 31 May 2012, which means that the last day for trades with non-split shares will be 28 May 2012. The first day for trades with split shares will be 29 May 2012.

Important dates:
Final day for trades with non-split shares, 28 May 2012
First day for trades with split shares, 29 May 2012
Record date for the split, 31 May 2012

The shares obtained through the split are expected to be registered on VP-accounts on 1 June 2012, which is the day after the record date. The split will be carried out automatically by Euroclear and shareholders do not need take any action. After the split, the number of shares in G & L Beijer AB will amount to 42,478,230, of which 3,306,240 will be series A shares and 39,171,990 series B shares.

Malmö, 15 May 2012
G & L Beijer AB (publ)

For further information, please contact:
Joen Magnusson, CEO
G & L Beijer AB
Telephone +46 40-35 89 00
Mobile +46 709-26 50 91


Jonas Lindqvist, CFO
Telephone +46 40-35 89 00
Mobile +46 705-90 89 04

G & L Beijer is a technology-oriented trading Group which, through a combination of added-value agency products and products of the company’s own development, offers competitive solutions for its customers within refrigeration and air conditioning.